We make computers dance.

Pixelhop is a digital studio helping bring digital products to life with innovative technologies.

What do we do?


From idea to launch!


That first spark

You have a great idea for something digital, but tech is scary, and you need help making your vision reality!

Apps, Websites, Prototypes, MVPs

Apps, Websites, Prototypes, MVPs

You explain your awesome idea to Pixelhop. They’re great listeners! They dissect your idea and start the cogs turning.

Masked designer

Brand, UX, & UI Design

Pixelhop unleashes their team of designers digital super heroes. They begin designing your future.

Full-stack development robot

Full-stack development

The designs are hot off the press and Pixelhop’s team of developers robots set to work building with extreme precision and attention to detail.

Rocket: Launch digital products

Ready for takeoff

It’s launch day. Your palms are sweaty and there’s excitement in the air. Sit back in your chair, relax and enjoy the ride. Pixelhop have got this!

Our Work

What have we built?

From brochureware sites, to e-commerce, to WebAR and IOT, there’re not many areas we haven’t ventured into. The work on display here is just a small subset of our portfolio.


F1 Arcade

Pixelhop collaborated with F1 Arcade to create an exciting new racing experience in central London.

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Sussex Uni - Halogen

Forecast the local impact of COVID-19

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Wall of love

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Our Writing.

We love writing on all sorts of topics, ranging from web development to the environment and anything else we feel passionate about. Like what you are reading? Chat on Twitter or Give us an email.

The story of Chat Thing - Bootstrapping our first side project to £5000 MRR in under 3 months

Pixelhop's Chat Thing is an AI bot platform that allows users to create bots without coding knowledge. The platform was created in under a week, launched in under a month, and reached 5,500+ users with £5,000 MRR in under 3 months. The team built a waitlist, invited users in small batches, and received support from Seth Godin and Dave Winer. Despite facing competition, the team plans to continue adding features and improving the product.

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Tools We Use

The best tools in the trade.