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Meet our new developer, Eliska.


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Here's a Q&A with our new developer, Eliska.

Where are you from?

I am originally from the Czech Republic which you either never heard of or you absolutely love Prague (the capital). About 3 years ago, my fate sent me to Coventry and this is where I live today.

What did you do before development?

Not much time has passed since I left education. While still at school, I did a few random part-time/holiday jobs like tutoring, housekeeping, looking after children, pigs and other animals.

How did you get into development?

I took a very traditional path through formal education. I was always into STEM subjects but there was a time when I was absolutely certain that I didn't want to touch any software development. Not knowing much about it, it was nothing but black magic to me.

I decided to study electronics at college level. As much as I tried to escape it, I came across some coding anyway. I realised it's actually very satisfying and started learning it on my own as well.

After college, I could finally take life into my own hands. Being an immature 18-year-old at that time, I wanted to throw away all I had learned and start traveling.

Soon enough, the biggest life changing moment of my life happened... A very well targeted ad appeared in my facebook feed. (The thought of how much impact it had on my life still haunts me sometimes.) “Study in the UK. Last chance before Brexit,” it said, reminding me of my long-forgotten dream of studying abroad as well as creating an ingenious FOMO out of the political situation. I couldn’t miss that. Plus, I didn’t have to give up on traveling completely, I still got to leave my country. And so I did. I signed up for a Computing course at Coventry University, moved to the land of tea and funny weather and began my journey to become a developer.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

The more I learn, the more fascinating I find it. There's always something amazing waiting to be discovered, making each learning experience an adventure. The continuous learning process keeps me motivated and excited about what lies ahead in the ever-evolving world of development.

Another thing I greatly appreciate is the freedom I have. As a developer, I can work from anywhere I want. I’d say it was one of the reasons I chose this career. I was hoping that one day, I would get to work remotely and travel.

What are your favourite things to do in your spare time?

I like being active to compensate for all the time I spend sitting behind a screen. I play all kinds of sports like volleyball, badminton or tennis (at a very recreational level). I also enjoy learning to play the piano.

What made you choose Pixelhop as your next step?

I remember the moment I ran into their job ad and opened their website, it was love for the first sight. I saw an oasis of inspiration, fun and pink bunnies. What a dream! I often found myself coming back to it just to look at it and contemplate its beauty. They made it very obvious how much they care about what they do. They do everything with the greatest passion and love. I couldn't dream of a better place to work!

How are you finding your first week at pixelhop?

It's been an amazing experience! Everyone is very supportive and welcoming. It's only the beginning but I already know I found a dream job.

Anything else that you want to add?

I am so happy to be a part of the Pixelhop family! Thank you so much for having faith in me. I am really grateful for this opportunity!

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