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Meet our new designer, Becky.


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Here's a Q&A with our new Senior Designer Becky. 🤙🥳️

Where are you from?

Originally from Worthing (pronounced wervin 🤟) but I now live in Brighton.

What made you get into design?

Growing up I always enjoyed getting messy and creative. My mum was very creative and was often making something with her hands. Her mum (my nan) also loved art and would often write me stories accompanied with sketches. I spent a lot of time with my Grandad growing up and he was incredibly inventive, he would take a large stick from a walk and carve an animal into it, I’d always catch him doodling or writing funny limericks. You always knew when he visited, he’d always leave a little doodle somewhere. So I was surrounded by some pretty artistic people who encouraged me. I used to sit for hours drawing and colouring in and writing so I think I always knew I’d end up doing something visual, my mind works better if I can map something out or visualise it. So when it came time to choosing subjects for school I chose the more art/design and did pretty well in them, I even did my classmates art homework (looking back, what a mug) but at the time I didn’t care it just meant I could draw more. 🤸

How did you get into design?

I was offered a position at Brighton college to study Communication Design, college was never something I thought I would do but I decided it would be silly not to accept. Safe to say I landed on my feet and loved it. Having never really presented any of my thoughts or designs before I was a bit anxious but I generally got a good reception for my work and the confidence started building, I was probably a little bit jammy in that I always created my work last minute and they always passed appraisals nicely, I think that annoyed some fellow students but others pointed out it just came naturally to me which I hadn’t really realised before then. Since college I have been lucky to work for some great digital agencies working for some amazing clients and huge national campaigns I am proud to have been part of.

Who or what inspires you?

Everyday life really, just walking around and seeing what people are wearing, reading, listening to, eating, drawing etc. I’m lucky that Brighton is such an eclectic city, there is always something going on. City breaks are also really inspirational for me, I love dipping into other cultures.

Who’s your favourite artist?

Jean Michel Basquiat. Recently I am loving an Irish street artist called ACHES his work is so colourful but has an emotive energy about it at times that I love. Roddy Doyle, he’s a writer but I figure it still counts.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

Helping people bring their ideas to life. Being able to visualise someones thoughts makes me happy.

What are your favourite things to do in your spare time?

Reading, weight training, swimming in the sea, going to gigs, walking/hugging my dog Baxter, seeing my friends and family and squeezing my niece and nephew.

What made you choose Pixelhop as your next step?

It was a pretty easy decision really. I already knew Gemma and Jozef having worked with Gemma years ago, so I knew I liked the team but what really sold it was the work they are doing and the companies values. They all align pretty well with my own. I feel at Pixelhop we are mindful of the world we live in and we want to help make it better for everyone in the best way we know how.

How have you found your first couple of weeks at Pixelhop?

Super great! 🤙 We’re really lucky in that it’s all remote so there’s a really lovely flexible vibe but we are also constantly chatting and zooming so you don’t feel lonely. I feel like I’ve slotted in nicely and I am loving the projects that are being thrown my way. It’s a really supportive and inspiring place to work, allowing us to dip our toes in any areas we might not and encouraging us to always learn and be the best. As first weeks go - shiney!

Anything else you want to add?

I think Pixelhop is like a volcano full of really awesome ideas, there’s always something new and exciting bubbling about the team. There are no restrictions here. Gem and Zef have created a really lovely company that is growing fast and I am super proud to be a part of the team now - suckers! ✌️

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